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South Dakota

South Dakota resides in the northern midwest part of the country. It has very hot summers and cold, snowy winters. Residents living near the mountainous regions of the state see more inclement weather. Spring and summer bring severe thunderstorms with high wind and frequently hail. Tornadoes are known to touch down, especially in the eastern part of the state.

  • Make sure your roofs are equpiied to take a beating from heavy snow loads and high winds with hurricane clips and extra lateral bracing.
  • All exterior glass should be of laminated or tempered quality to prevent projectiles from doing damage to your home.

South Dakota Cities With Respected, Licensed Contractors:

  • Sioux Falls, SD
  • Rapid City, SD
  • Aberdeen, SD
  • Brookings, SD
  • Watertown, SD
  • Mitchell, SD
  • Pierre, SD
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