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Synthetic Stucco Siding

Science has Improved an Already Amazing Product

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There are dozens of choices when siding a home, and they can quickly become overwhelming to a prospective buyer. If you're considering a stucco product, consider a synthetic product. They have many advantages over traditional stucco, and these benefits are discussed, along with pricing data, in this synthetic stucco buying guide brought to you by Home Improvement Educator.

What is Synthetic Stucco?

Unlike its non-synthetic stucco cousin, which is primarily made from Portland cement, synthetic stucco products are made from co-polymer acrylic resins and are available as a stand-alone product or part of an Exterior Insulating Finishing System (EIFS).

Stand-alone products can be applied to nearly any substrate, but offer few advantages over a thick coat of paint. Synthetic stucco finishing systems, however, consist of a thick layer of insulation with one or more layers of synthetic material to give it a completely finished stucco look and feel. The synthetic finishing material is often made from acrylic resins for durability. Different sized grains of sand or other types of aggregate are used to achieve varying levels of texture to mimic traditional stucco materials.

Benefits of Synthetic Stucco Products

Genuine synthetic stucco products are engineered to outperform traditional stucco products in almost every way. The benefits are discussed in detail below:

  • The added layer of insulation of a synthetic stucco EIFS greatly increases a home or building's energy efficiency.
  • When a quick layer of paint is applied to synthetic stucco materials, it is almost indistinguishable from traditional stucco.
  • Unlike traditional stucco materials, synthetic stucco's will not crack due to temperature changes and moisture problems.
  • While materials costs are higher, installing and applying synthetic stucco is much easier than traditional stucco.
  • The texture is completely customizable - synthetics can be applied as a smooth stucco or as coarse as a design dictates.
  • Many different colors are available to match any color paint, which saves labor and materials costs when painting (fewer coats are needed).

Synthetic Stucco Siding Costs

The following are averages of prices that have been collected from across the country; actual costs will vary slightly depending on the exact area of the country you live in. Prices will also be affected by unusually tall houses or buildings (3 or more floors) and difficult-to-reach areas due to the extra safety precautions needing to be taken.

  • Synthetic stucco EIF (Exterior Insulating Finishing) systems typically cost $6-$9 per square foot of wall space, including materials and installation. For a typical 1,200 square foot home, this would be $7,200-$10,800.
  • Simply applying a coat of synthetic stucco to an existing approved substrate (brick, existing masonry, etc.) costs $2-$4 per square foot including application. Using our 1,200 square foot example home, this would come to $2,400-$4,800.

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