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Brick Siding

Elegant Protection From the Elements and Big Bad Wolves Alike

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Brick siding, mostly due to cost constraints, is not for every homeowner. If you can afford to clad your home in brick, however, you'll be rewarded with unsurpassed durability, low-maintenance, performance, and of course, beauty.

The Benefits of Brick Siding

Other than its price, everything about brick is desirable. The highlights of the siding material are explained below.

  • Longevity: Brick will last for the lifetime of your home...and then some. A century or more is a realistic lifespan for brick, and some brick buildings that are hundreds, even thousands, of years old are still standing.
  • Insulation: Brick, because it is much thicker and more substantial than other building materials, provides homes with an extra layer of insulation not only against heat and cold, but also against sounds. Enjoy a quieter, more comfortable, more energy-efficient home when you install brick siding.
  • Protection: Wind, precipitation, hail, fire, insects, birds, extreme temperatures, and airborne debris quite literally "run into a brick wall" when that wall is your brick-clad home exterior. You simply won't find a siding material that stands up better to all kinds of abuse than brick.
  • Choice: The stereotypical red brick laid in horizontal rows is only the beginning of your style options. Numerous brick earth tone colors are available, as are various brick sizes, textures, and bricklaying patterns.
  • "Green" Bricks: No matter what brick color you choose, it is guaranteed to also be green - in terms of sustainability, that is. Brick siding is considered an environmentally responsible choice due to the material's insulating properties and long lifespan.
  • Value: The longevity, performance, and green appeal of brick siding should increase your home's value if you ever decide to sell. Plus, for as long as you're still living there, brick will deliver lower energy bills and could even qualify you for lower homeowner's insurance premiums.
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Brick Veneer

As a substitute for masonry brick, consider brick veneer siding. Made from thin slices of real brick or lightweight cement that closely resembles brick, this siding material is much easier to work with and install than full-sized bricks, which reduces labor costs. But because material costs can be higher for thin brick, it is not, on average, significantly cheaper than brick.

Like masonry brick, brick veneer comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes, provides decades of low-maintenance performance, and lends your home an elegant appearance. Unlike solid brick, however, veneer brick does not form part of the home's structure and make it sturdier. Despite this, faux brick still provides most of the advantages of brick, and to passersby, there will be no discernible difference.

Brick Siding Costs

  • For both brick and brick veneer siding, expect to pay between $7 and $15 per square foot installed. For a home with 1,500 exterior square feet, that's a total estimated cost of $10,500 to $22,500.
  • Actual brick siding cost is influenced by a number of factors, including local labor and material costs, home height and layout, whether the existing siding needs to be removed and disposed of, and more.

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