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Mansard Roofs

A Mansard Roof Adds European Styling and Maximum Attic Space to a Building

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A mansard roof (also known as a French roof because of its conception during the French Baroque period) artfully combines the best qualities of gambrel and hip style roofs. The result is a strong and stylish roof design that has generous interior space to boot.

Mansard Roof Characteristics

The mansard roof has three main distinctions:

  • It is a four-sided roof
  • It has steep slopes
  • It has a double pitch

Like its gambrel cousin, each side of a mansard roof has two slopes: a gentle upper slope and a steep lower slope. And as is the case with a hip roof, a mansard provides a roofing surface on all sides of the structure.
The upper slope of a mansard roof can be so short and slightly angled that a passerby might believe that the top of the roof is flat (and in fact, some mansard roofs do have a flat top). Compare this design to a traditional gambrel roof, which tends to have an upper slope that's as long - or longer - than the lower slope and is never flat.

Mansard Roof Benefits

As mentioned above, a mansard roof has similarities to hip and gambrel roofing, giving it some of the best qualities of each, including the following:

  • With roofing on all sides of the structure, gutters can be installed along the entire roof perimeter, protecting the home and foundation from water damage.
  • The framing design of a mansard roof allows for an extra level of living space where an attic normally would be. This area is known in Europe as a "garret".
  • Similar to a gambrel roof, a mansard roof holds up extremely well against the elements, especially in colder regions that experience significant snowfall. Ice dams, which can cause significant roof damage, cannot form on the steep slopes of a mansard roof.

Mansard Roof Costs

The following prices are only meant to serve as a rough overview; actual costs will vary widely from state-to-state.

  • A mansard roof requires large amounts of materials and framing labor and therefore tends to cost slightly more than other types of roofs. With that in mind, you can expect a mansard roof to cost $10 to $14 per square foot of roof area, including labor and materials. For a typical 1,500 square foot roof this works out to a total estimated cost of $15,000 to $21,000.
  • Installation of a roof covering (wood, asphalt, composite or slate tiles, metal, etc.) can cost anywhere from $4 to $20 per square foot ($6,000 to $30,000 for a 1,500 square foot roof) depending on the materials used.
  • The total cost of a mansard roof including all labor and materials is approximately $20,000 to $50,000.

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