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A lawn being raked in the fall.

Fall Cleanup Costs

Don't Wait Too Long to Clean Your Yard.

Fall yard cleanup is essential to a healthy lawn in the spring.

Learn all about fall yard cleanup, including what you should expect from this service, by reading our complete yard cleanup guide.

A cute dog laying on a white plush carpet.

Educate Yourself On Carpets

A Classic Flooring Choice

Carpet is an excellent choice for any room in your house.

Interested in learning more about carpets and carpet installation? Click HERE to read our complete article.

A man cleaning a gutter full of leaves and debris.

Fall Home Maintenance

Get Ready for Winter Before it Rears its Ugly Head

Completing some simple fall maintenance tasks can save you plenty of headaches in the colder months.

Read our complete fall home maintenance education article. Learn what tasks home improvement pro's recommend and how much they cost.

A shingle roof that has several damaged shingles.

Get Educated On Roof Repair

Owning a Roof Means Repairing a Roof

Roof repair might not cost as much as you think. Some repairs cost as little as $100.

Interested in learning more about roofs and roof repair? Click HERE to read our complete article.

A large house with an assortment of beautiful christmas lights.

Installing Christmas Lights

This Must-Do Task is a Hassle for Homeowners

Professional installers can make this a hassle-free project. Let a pro risk life and limb - not you.

Read our complete article on christmas light installation and find out if this service is right for you.

A modern kitchen with a beautiful granite countertop.

Kitchen Countertop Education

Get Kitchen Countertop Estimates

Learn useful facts about kitcken countertops to help you make your purchase.

Interested in learning more about kitchen countertops? Read our comprehensive homeowners guide to Kitchen Countertops.

A common home furnace setup.

Fall Furnace Tune-Up

Without Heat, Winter is No Fun.

Furnace maintenance is a must to enjoy uninterrupted heat during the cold months.

Learn more about furnace tune-ups by reading our complete article. Find out how often it should be done and how much this service costs

A beautiful ceramic tile floor.

Ceramic Tile Education

Get Free Ceramic Tile Quotes

Ceramic tile, with its many options and durability factor, is a perfect choice for any room.

Find free ceramic tile prices and get free quotes HERE!

A roof that is in need of snow removal.

Roof Snow Removal

Save Your Roof Some Serious Stress

Shoveling your roof can extend the life of it by several years. Unfortunately, most homeowners aren't equipped to handle this dangerous task.

Read our complete article and get free roof snow removal quotes today!

A Golden oak hardwood kitchen floor.

Hardwood Flooring Facts

Find Need-To-Know Info On Hardwood Flooring Here

Beautiful, elegant hardwood flooring is not as expensive as you might think.

Get free hardwood flooring cost info as well as multiple free quotes today!

A dump truck and loader removing large amounts of snow from a parking lot.

Snow Removal

Save Your Back And Hire A Pro

Snow shoveling and plowing is a task best left to professionals. It can save your body countless hours of back pain, and is inexpensive.

Browse our complete snow removal guide and get multiple quotes to keep your property snow-free.

A beautiful exterior red oak door.

Wood Door Education

Learn Everything you Need to Know about Wood Doors

Wood is an excellent choice for either exterior or interior doors.

Use our wood door education guide to help you make an informed decision on your wood door purchase.

A cartoon construction worker with a hammer and screwdriver in his hands.

Home Improvement Educator

Here at Home Improvement Educator we strive to bring you the most accurate pricing data on the web as well as put you in touch with certified local contractors that are right for your job.

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